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4 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Rachel.

Just as the previous review of OISE noted, their course tuition fees are too high and this is the reason for me awarding them four stars (not five). But if you can get past this barrier then you won’t be disappointed with this international tefl option and it will open teaching English job doors for you. I had my mind set on teaching English overseas in China. Seven months later and I was teaching my first English class, here in Harbin. I mean, what’s cooler than that? 🙂 It was really easy to find a teaching job because schools in China advertise throughout the year, so employment options aren’t only limited to one or two times in the teaching year. Applying for the work visa turned out to be the only real pain in the butt so I chose to arrive to China on a tourist visa and after a couple of months, I traveled down to Hong Kong, where I was able to transfer it over to a proper work visa. I want to point out that my initial visa issues were because I didn’t fully have all my ducks in a row, as I was accepted for a teaching position quicker than I imagined, so it shouldn’t really be an issue for anyone applying with more time on their hands to properly collect all the required documentation. One word of advice about teaching English in China is that schools will only accept you if you are a Native English Speaker and hold a Bachelor’s degree. A tefl certificate isn’t necessary, but helps heaps. It’s also been a major culture shock relocating here, so you do need to bear this in mind too. I’m just so thankful to OISE University of Toronto TEFL and pleased with myself for making this possible and deciding to go for it.

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