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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Erin.

The International TEFL Academy 170-hour hybrid TEFL/TESOL certification course was perfect for me as I was searching for a course that I could take online but also needed practicum hours experience. The practicum hours element was one of my boxes to tick because I’ve never taught before and didn’t feel comfortable at all at the thought of taking a 100% distance learning course. My Dad is a teacher at our local high school so the process of finding a class of students to teach and complete this practicum element was smooth sailing. I’ve taken a distance learning course before so I kind of knew what to expect. However, this course far exceeded my expectations and made my previous distance-learning experience pale in comparison. Everything was set out in a logical sequence which made for an engaging course study and I learned lots of new information which I know will serve me well in my future career. They give you the option of adding on 2 modules of Young Learners and Business Professional units so I went ahead with this and they complemented the core training materials nicely. Another major pro is the Student Affairs team at International TEFL Academy who assist with international job guidance and they helped me with the start of my job search. I feel confident I’ll find a job soon because they have branches all over the world and even one in Prague, where my Grandmother originally comes from. The only niggles I had were the school’s website navigation which unnecessarily made the enrollment process more complicated than it could have been and the tuition fees. Even with the $100 discount it still rang in at $1,299. I couldn’t find another combined online/onsite course option online anywhere though which gave me the flexibility of choosing my own students to teach. This is a worth-it course and will smoothly get you from your A to B.

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