International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy

2 star online tefl review

International TEFL Academy review, submitted by CP.

If you are a sucker for glossy websites with very little real substance then this is the perfect tefl-tesol certification course for you.

It’s true that the International TEFL Academy cover all of the basics. You will get to familiarize yourself with grammar and teaching techniques, but it is far from being the 170 hour course they advertise it to be and costs a lot more than other similar courses offered by their competitors. Also it isn’t the most academic of courses… my intelligence felt a bit insulted with the simplicity of some written tasks.

Once I signed up and paid, the communication began to drip drip until by the time I was ready to start receiving help with finding work it was almost impossible to get hold of anyone at all… they seem to have a lot of staff dedicated to maintaining their marketing machine and encouraging people to sign up for their courses, but very few to focus on their paying customers.

I got a teaching job… no thanks to ITA. It isn’t the best paying job around because I had absolutely no help and limited knowledge about wages, hours, language schools before moving to Italy. I also wasn’t aware of the 90-day Schengen visa rule.

International TEFL Academy’s online tefl-tesol course isn’t a complete waste of time. You will receive a certificate at the end of the course and schools will accept it. But it seems schools will accept any old tefl certificate so there really is no need to pay so much money for a subpar program. And make sure to have access to international job guidance. You WILL need it!

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