MyTEFL review, submitted by Ben.

I haven’t taken an online course before so I can’t really compare to any others. The sign-up process was smooth and I was given access to the course promptly. I chose the mytefl 120-hour course because it seemed to tick all the right boxes for me. The course itself seemed pretty thorough and I liked the visual aspects of the learning aids. I did have access to a personal tutor but I didn’t find myself needing the help so I can’t comment on that side of their service. All in all it was a pretty solid course and I managed to complete it in under a month. What I did think was seriously lacking though was post-course support and although I am teaching now (after a lot of footwork and knocking on virtual doors) when I signed up for the course I thought I was going to receive more help from mytefl with finding work and for this reason I’m leaving a 3 star review. I’d recommend mytefl but be prepared that after the course there probably won’t be much support. At least for me there wasn’t.

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