The TEFL Institute of Ireland

“regarding the actual course itself, I was mostly satisfied”

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The TEFL Institute of Ireland review, submitted by Sadie.

The overall course package could have been a lot better, in terms of the support and customer services provided, but regarding the actual course itself, I was mostly satisfied. It was simple to access the course each time I wanted to study and one of the benefits of taking the TEFL course online is how you can study at the times that you can/want. This self-paced element of online study was the most attractive argument vs. taking it in-person, on-site at some school buildings. The connection between the modules was also cohesive, meaning the course had a common thread running through it. I’m not convinced that any system, whether online or onsite, can teach you everything you must know about teaching English in just four weeks. I’m convinced that it is going to take at least six months of teaching before I’m nearer to becoming “mastered” in TEFL teaching, and even that is a generous timeline. What does help is the Teachers’ books which you can buy online. These contain complete lesson plans and give you step-by-step instructions as to how to present the class. I bought one of these Teachers’ books and use it when planning my online classes, even though the lesson plans are aimed at in-person classes.

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