"So I chose to do the 120 hour online course and have had a VERY good overall experience with ITTT TEFL Online"

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ITTT review, submitted by Sophie.

So I chose to do the 120-hour online course and have had a VERY good overall experience with ITTT TEFL Online. From the offset, the staff was extremely helpful.

First, I must remind people that this is an online course, so you won’t get to actually take part in any classroom teaching. But looking at what in-class TEFL courses offer, I really don’t think 6 or 7 hours of the teaching practice they offer would make such a huge difference. The course (with ITTT TEFL Online) covers lesson planning and how to plan classes, so I would advise going for an Online TEFL course. Take a miss on an in-class one because of the unnecessary cost. You are paying $1,000 for 6 or 7 hours of teaching practice! No wonder they are all over Quora and Reddit, dissing the Online TEFL courses and promoting their In-class ones. Ching bloody well ching, if you ask me.

Each module has a multiple choice questionnaire to do at the end which I found very helpful and some of the questions they ask are clearly there to make sure you are properly reading through the material and understanding it all properly.

I thought it was a wonderful course and I hope to have my first teaching job ducks lined up in a row in November.

Thank you ITTT TEFL Online.

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