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“I would recommend the Premier TEFL course for anyone considering a career change”

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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Yvonne.

When I decided to do my TEFL course I didn’t know which program would be the right fit for me. This was also before I stumbled upon this review’s website. Perhaps if I had stumbled across it earlier then I might have chosen a different TEFL program. As it was, I chose Premier TEFL. Everything was straightforward. I enrolled online – paying without needlessly having to complete a load of arbitrary forms – and on the same day, I received my log-in details in which I could access my course studies area. IMO the course is very nicely designed with the student in mind. It is text-heavy, but I’m someone who likes reading through texts and reading diagrams. Personally, I think any course that relies entirely on video tutorials is just a lazy tuition program. At the end of each chunk of text/diagrams, there was a quiz to fill in. This, I thought, was a fun and effective way of testing knowledge. There were also assignments that I had to complete and I also enjoyed these. Overall I would recommend the Premier TEFL course for anyone considering a career change.

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