“A good enough course, but avoid the aggressive offers of job placement”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Nina.

A good enough course, but avoid the aggressive offers of job placement.

I have a suspicion that the Online TEFL courses run by MyTEFL are a funnel for getting people to sign up for their job placement services. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I agreed to a teaching job in Thailand (MyTEFL job placement) about 30% of my salary was then creamed off by MyTEFL on a monthly basis. How can I be certain of this? I compared my salary with the other teachers who started at the same time as me and who were in the same position as me. They had found the job on their own. I was “helped” by MyTEFL. I read through some of the MyTEFL reviews and this has also happened to other teachers. The MyTEFL 120 hours course is OK. It’s nowhere near anything as amazing as I’ve seen some bloggers claim, but it will do the job. Just don’t do the job placement with MyTEFL and you should be fine.

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  1. I agree. The TEFL course from MyTEFL is overall good. Don’t do the job placement, though. Read lots of stories about people getting ripped off through their job placement. Again, though, the course was good I thought.

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