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ITTT review, submitted by Christina.

I understand this is a review website for online TEFL and TESOL programs. I am writing a review for the ITTT TEFL program in Okinawa, Japan. I figured it was OK to add my review because ITTT TEFL also offers online courses.

The long and short of it is that I signed up for the TEFL and TESOL ITTT course in Okinawa and everything pointed to the course being operated by ITTT TEFL. At no point, before I arrived in Japan, was it mentioned anywhere that the course wouldn’t be an ITTT TEFL course.

When I arrived to take the ITTT TEFL course, I found the building where the classes were going to take place but I couldn’t see the ITTT TEFL logo anywhere.

It turned out the course program was run by a local Japanese company that has a business agreement with ITTT TEFL.

Many of the promises ITTT TEFL made about the course didn’t materialize and it was no good trying to explain this to the program director because he immediately distanced himself from ITTT TEFL and said his course is not ITTT TEFL’s.

The course was decent enough, but I felt deceived because I paid for one thing and got another entirely different thing.

If you see an ITTT TEFL course offered in a country where you want to do your TEFL, ensure that it will be run by ITTT TEFL. I’m guessing that most of them are not.

I wasn’t the only one that felt deceived.

The fee for the course in Okinawa was $400 less than what ITTT TEFL charged me, so I’m guessing this is just ITTT TEFL’s way of earning a $400 commission each time they send students to TEFL courses abroad.

I now wish I had taken the TEFL certification online. With a different company.

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  1. I want to add to my review that ITTT TEFL promised job placement after the course.
    When I asked the director of the school about this, he said they don’t offer job placement services.
    This left me in a difficult situation because I had to fly to Tokyo and just start hitting the streets there to search for a job.
    I’ve picked up some part-time hours so far, but not the full-time job right after completing the course that was promised when I purchased my ITTT TEFL course.
    Buyer beware!

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