“Uni-Prep 250-Hour Diploma in TEFL and TESOL”

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Uni-Prep 250-Hour Diploma UNI-Prep review, submitted by Mary.

Uni-Prep never answered any of my emails!

The course is easy and simple to follow and there was excellent communication from Uni-Prep’s side when I was working out which of their courses to take. The man I spoke to was extremely helpful and recommended I take the Uni-Prep 250-Hour Diploma course.

Since taking the course, I have come to understand that this was an upsell because you only need a 120-hour TEFL certificate for online and abroad jobs. I thought the extra hours would elevate my resume. Instead, I keep having to explain why I chose such a long course and what made it so long. I think it’s just the 120-hour course but with some stuffing, because when I compare the two, I don’t notice any significant differences.

Job-wise, there were also no differences. I kept being asked which 120-Hour TEFL course I took and with which program, and sitting with my 250-Hour “Diploma” in my hand made me feel a bit of a sucker tbh.

On the upside, the course was good and had some excellent, memorable examples of teaching grammar techniques and some activities that I will use in the future.

The complete absence of any communication with Uni-Prep during and after the course, though, has left a bitter taste. This program isn’t one of those TEFL mills that rubber stamps a TEFL certificate for you, but it’s pretty darn close to being one. Uni-Prep needs to dramatically improve its customer service. Not replying to your paying customers is so poor. The three stars are for the Uni-Prep 250-Hour Diploma course. I liked it, despite all the unnecessary stuffing.

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