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Enjoy TEFL review

1 star online tefl review

Enjoy TEFL review, submitted by C M.

There wasn’t the option of awarding zero stars but if there were then Enjoy TEFL would deserve it. Everything was all smiles when I was purchasing this course but then that was the end of the communication. They just took my money and didn’t care after that. I completed the course over six months ago and I’m still waiting on my certificate. Nobody answers my emails or picks up the phone. Absolutely no help with job searching either despite what they advertise on their website. Run!

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  1. Thank you C M for leaving your review of the Enjoy TEFL Online certification program. Having read your review, we strongly recommend you keep trying to contact Enjoy TEFL and check your Spam or Junk folders. It could always be possible they have tried contacting you but you haven’t seen their email. Best in my advice would be to keep trying to call them and during office hours. I hope you receive your certificate soon and hopefully it’s all just a miscommunication issue. Mia

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