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“The Hybrid TEFL is the perfect choice for TEFL training in Thailand”

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Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Jacob.

There are many combined TEFL courses in Thailand but Vantage TEFL was the one I picked because of its very good student reviews. Vantage TEFL is one of the Best 5 TEFL programs so you know that it must be a safe choice. Half the course was undertaken online and the remaining part was teaching practice at the Vantage TEFL school in Bangkok. One of my trainers, Chris, was excellent. He added a lot of humor and general fun to the classes and made me feel right at home and at ease. I chose the combined course for this reason so I could have hands-on teaching experience as well as know the essential grammar and methodology side. The program helps with job searches and it wasn’t difficult at all to arrange job interviews. There is so much teaching work available in Thailand for TEFL-qualified teachers, both for NES and NNES teachers. The Hybrid TEFL is the perfect choice for TEFL training in Thailand!

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