“I really liked this course and I really like teaching ESL”

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Course content not only covers how to teach English but also how to manage students and how to cope with difficulties in the classroom. This classroom management is bound to come in handy in the future as I’m sure not all my future students will be as well-behaved as the ones I’m currently teaching. On the whole, I find language students to be well-behaved and motivated. Definitely, be a completely different experience if you have ever taught in the state school system. I haven’t but I’ve read horror stories from teachers who spend most of their class time disciplining students. ESL is different because most students are paying for the lessons and have a solid motivation to progress.

I really liked this course and I really like teaching ESL. Teaching ESL gives you a real sense of making improvements in the lives of your students. There are of course a few bad apples but generally teaching ESL is a cakewalk. I thought the ontesol course prepared me for most situations I have and will experience as an ESL teacher.

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