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“I have lingering doubts about whether the WTEFLAC accreditation is legit or not”

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Let’s TEFL review, written by Chris.

I very recently took and completed a TEFL course with Let’s TEFL. The one I chose was their Ultimate 120-Hour online TEFL course. It’s accredited by WTEFLAC, which stands for World TEFL Accrediting Council. I didn’t do any pre-course research on this accreditation body, but I wish I had beforehand. The course was easy to follow and without any bugs. I considered it well-written too. Some of the responses I got back from the school were obviously generic cut and paste, but for the price that I paid for the course, I didn’t mind so much. Having completed the course and received my certificate though, I’m beginning to think that their WTEFLAC accreditation might not be as well accepted as they make it out to be. For example, the last post on the WTEFLAC Facebook page was written back in 2018. One potential employer has already questioned the legitimacy of this accreditation. So whilst I thought the course was designed well, I have lingering doubts about whether the WTEFLAC accreditation is legit or not.

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