MyTEFL Certification: “A really good course, but concerned about the accreditation status”.

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MyTEFL Certification MyTEFL review, submitted by Vanessa.

MyTEFL certification. A really good course, but concerned about the accreditation status.

I chose MyTEFL because of the good things past students had to say about them on It was my first time taking any course online. I think I would have chosen to take the TEFL online anyway because I don’t feel the onsite version of the qualification offers that many additional advantages and the cost of taking it on-site is prohibitively expensive. The course was easy to navigate and full of information. There aren’t any instructional videos, but I didn’t mind that because there were many interesting diagrams and other graphics. I do think that videos can sometimes be beneficial for studying, but they can also be distracting. Based on the course alone, I would give the program 5 stars.

However, now I am now questioning the validity of their accreditation status. MyTEFL is accredited by OTTSA. From what I’ve recently managed to find out online, OTTSA was created by someone affiliated with the MyTEFL program – in Thailand, where MyTEFL is based – and the accreditation isn’t so well known outside of Southeast Asia. This could be an issue for me because I plan on teaching in Europe this summer. I’ve contacted MyTEFL about it, but so far nobody has returned my email.

A previous reviewer described the course as being like a TEFL mill. I definitely disagree. The MyTEFL certification course online was a pleasant learning experience and I felt confident to teach after with the knowledge and skills learned in the course. I’m just concerned about the international recognition of the accreditation.

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