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TEFL in Thailand: “I recommend the Vantage TEFL Certification program”

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TEFL in Thailand Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Michelle.

TEFL in Thailand: During the lockdown, after losing the lion’s share of my contract jobs, I began looking to do some formal online learning. I didn’t know you could teach English online. At the time, I couldn’t understand how you would go about teaching a language virtually. I knew that the pandemic would likely create a longer-term downtrend in the number of face-to-face work opportunities, and earning a living by working online seemed to me to be the smart move.

Despite this, I also want to live and work in Thailand at some point in the future and this is why I searched for Online TEFL courses based out of Thailand. Vantage TEFL, which is based I believe in Bangkok, offered an online TEFL course with the option of some virtual teaching practice as part of the course package. I’m certain there are other equally good Online TEFL programs based in Thailand – Vantage TEFL was the one I chose because they are one of the top-rated TEFL online programs.

I can write that the course was well presented and the course tutors clearly understood their subject matter. It would have been great to have been able to teach those classes in a classroom but I didn’t have that option and the virtual teaching experience anyway was a lot easier to organize and manage than I had expected.

The great thing about Vantage, is, if there’s something you don’t understand or need help with, you can ask them and you just wait a day or two tops for a reply back. The school’s office staff and my tutor were really sweet people and I had the wrong impression they cared about their work.

Since the course, I’ve been teaching English online and have gradually built up a 30-hour-week schedule with reliable and well-paying students. The majority of my students are from South Korea and Japan, with a few also based in Thailand. Vantage saved my sanity in a year when a lot of people were losing their sanity and I am hoping the borders open up soon without any restrictions for the fully vaccinated so I can see why everyone raves about Thailand so much! 🙂 I have the feeling that sometime in 2022, possibly at the end of the year, there will be a return to something resembling travel in 2019.

I recommend the Vantage TEFL Certification program.

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