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i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Sean.

I feel indifferent about my i-to-i tefl course. On the one hand, it served a purpose and filled that purpose. I wanted to get a quick tefl on the internet to qualify as an online tutor. Tick. Tick. I just wasn’t expecting the course to be SO bad though. I’m not a professor in English but even I noticed the appalling grammar errors and spelling mistakes in the course materials. The i-to-i tefl homepage is one thing. The course is another thing. One looks polished and inviting. The other is unpolished and demanding to work through. They also made me pay for my certificate which I could have sworn I read was included with the course. If you just need a quick tefl course for a language school which doesn’t care who they employ this might be a good choice of tefl course for you. There, that’s my honest review of i-to-i tefl.

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