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Cheapest Combined Course tefl online pro review, submitted by Boyd.

Cheapest Combined Course.

There were various things that I factored in when deciding whether to take a standard 120-hour or combined 140-hour course. The tipping point argument for me was that I wanted to have some teaching practice hours recorded on my TEFL/TESOL certificate.

There are many programs running 120-hour courses, but not so many (reputable) ones running the combined course where you study the methodology online and take teaching practice hours.

Eventually, I chose to take mine through the teflonlinepro.com program.

I was impressed with their customer reviews, but I’m not someone who is influenced entirely by reviews. I was more impressed with the curriculum they offer with this course, and the price was the cheapest around when compared with other TEFL/TESOL companies offering the same course.

What I also liked in particular about this program was that I had options when it came to the teaching part. I could either teach the classes online or in person. If I chose to teach in-person students then those students could be friends, family, high school or college students, or anyone from the local community. My Dad offered that I could come to teach some of his colleagues where he worked and this worked out really conveniently for me.

It’s mandatory to teach 20 classes and your students have to fill out a Student Peer Teaching form, where they give opinions of your teaching based on boxes they need to tick on the form.

It’s also mandatory to then hand over six of your lesson plans to TEFL Online Pro and they then grade them and you are all done.

The 120-hour part of the course took me two weeks to complete.

The teaching practice took the same.

I think I paid $499 for the course and when I compare this with programs charging double, triple, or even quadruple that amount, it’s no wonder this TEFL Online Pro course is so popular. Especially seeing that the certificate makes no mention of online study on it and looks the same as one of those in-class 4-week TEFL/TESOL course certificates.

TEFL Online Pro also helps you find work. They don’t provide job placement, but they will support you in your job hunt. I was advised anyway not to accept a job placement because there is usually something shady going on behind the scenes with those programs, like skimming money off your salary, etc.

It took a month between finishing my final class and receiving my certificate and starting to receive job offers from schools around the world. For the time being, I’m focused on my online teaching, and then, who knows? South America, Europe, Asia? The world is now literally my oyster.

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