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Job Guarantee MyTEFL review, submitted by Ernie.

Job Guarantee.

MyTEFL lied to me. I specifically asked MyTEFL if I could teach in Thailand with only an associates degree. Their reply was “Yes, you can. No problem”. I want to make it clear that there wasn’t any misunderstanding on the part of MyTEFL. I clearly told them that I don’t have a college degree, but instead I have an associates degree. “Never mind” they replied. Thailand treat both with the same importance. Based on this expert knowledge, I bought a ticket to Bangkok – armed with my MyTEFL 120-hour TEFL certificate and my associates degree papers – and I began applying for jobs. MyTEFL had told me that the preferred method for finding work in Thailand is to go to Thailand and apply in-country because it’s much more difficult to apply for jobs when you are not in the country. I really did draw the short straw because not one of the schools I applied to would accept my associates degree. In Thailand, to teach legally, you must have a full college degree. Associates degrees are worthless for the work visa, which you are required to obtain if you want to teach in Thailand. Thanks MyTEFL for wasting a whole load of my time and money šŸ™ I’m now desperately searching for countries where I can teach with my TEFL TEFL certficate and associates degree and because a lot of countries are shut down due to the pandemic, I am effectively stuck in Thailand until the travel corridors open up again. I would never recommend MyTEFL. They are just interested in your money and don’t give two hoots about what happens to you after that.

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