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TEFL certification India INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Mohammed.

TEFL certification India.

Even though INTESOL Worldwide shows its headquarters as being in central London, they in fact have their headquarters in Delhi, India. And this worked well for me because as a Delhi local born and bred, it was possible to arrange for a meeting at their building where I could pay in cash for the TEFL course they have on offer. This was also important for me so when there were any kinks in the armor, I would know where to go to complain. As it transpired, there was no need to complain. Everything went swimmingly well and I completed the course with an above-average grade. If you don’t know, India is going through a terrible time in relation to Covid-19 infections and it is a true catastrophe for my country. I have, therefore, put on ice any plans to travel abroad for an English teaching position. I was satisfied with the INTESOL Worldwide product and with the way they approach the customer. I believe that having the TEFL qualification will help me in my future career. My plan is to teach somewhere in Europe. Preferably in one of the Western European countries. INTESOL Worldwide has assured me that this won’t be a problem and I believe what they say. I will wait until when I start applying for job positions in Europe and then I will recommend this school if the school’s assurances turn out to be a reflection of the truth. So far, so good.

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