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“It’s just not worth it”

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Enjoy TEFL review, submitted by Denise.

It’s a shame I couldn’t choose the option of giving this TEFL program a zero star because that is what Enjoy TEFL deserves, and I see that other reviewers agree with me. The advertised price is cheap, but by the time you’ve added all the hidden extras you find you’ve paid four or five times what you originally paid for the course. The course is bad. I mean, really bad. If you wanted to, you could complete the course in one afternoon sitting and still have time for a leisurely lunch. You might learn something, but not much. Enjoy TEFL claims they are accredited, but I just can’t see how any reputable company would bring themselves to accredit a course so bad as this. They charge for everything. Time extensions, the certificate, and job support. Tutor support. You name it, they ask for money for it. Honestly, I can’t understand why this company is still in operation. My friend took the TEFL Fullcircle TEFL course and he had an equally miserable time, so I decided not to choose the same course as him. But, now I find out that Enjoy TEFL and TEFL Fullcircle are run by the same group of muppets. It’s the same company but with different names. Both should be avoided. Do your homework and check out the reviews here before choosing. Had I read the trustedteflreviews.com reviews, I could have saved myself from a world of pain. Oh, and don’t bother trying to get a refund from either program. They both give you the runaround and hope you give up after a while. It’s just not worth it.

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