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“Teaching in Europe”

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Teaching in Europe tefl online pro review, submitted by Jesse.

Teaching in Europe.

One of the things that attracted me to the tefl online pro program was its high success rate with teacher job placements. Also, the curriculum was aligned with what I wanted to study as tefl online pro included a module in teaching Business English. They also include a module on teaching children and teenagers, but I don’t think this will be something I’ll need. Still, though, it’s nice to have it as a backup plan if I ever find myself being asked to teach kids.

What impressed me above all was how quickly my tutor would respond to any questions I had. They have a convenient internal messaging system that you access directly in the course and I often get replies to my messages instantaneously. This quick turnaround in communication a) gave a great impression of tefl online pro and b) helped a lot because it meant not having to wait around for hours or days until I got an answer to a question or feedback on an assignment.

tefl online pro also helped me find a job. I asked if they could look over my resume and Sarah from the office showed me how a teacher’s resume should look for maximum success to secure a job interview. Sarah also gave me some great tips regarding the questions I should expect to be asked in an interview. This all turned out to be solid advice because I was asked a few of them in my interview and so I was prepared in advance.

Now that I’m fully vaccinated I’m all set to start teaching in Germany, beginning in September. My school is handling the visa paperwork and other documents, but I know that I can contact tefl online pro at any time and they will be there to help should I need it.

For the $199 I paid for the course I would say that the price is a bargain and the service I received has been excellent throughout.

The tefl online pro course taught me a lot and their support has been far more than I had anticipated. I can’t recommend this TEFL/TESOL program enough. I made a great choice with this one.

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