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“The certificate was accepted by the school I wanted to work at”

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i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Sean.

I don’t think it matters really which TEFL course you take because when I was applying for teaching jobs the schools just wanted to know if I was TEFL certified. They could have cared less which company I took it with. Having said this though, every company I applied to did want to see me teach a demo lesson. I was given a choice of topics and I had to choose one and then plan a 30-minute lesson on it. So while schools don’t really care which company you took your course with, they do care enough to make certain that you know your TEFL knowledge before a job consideration. I had taught before, so teaching a demo lesson was something I knew I could do proficiently. What I will say about the i-to-i course is that it does contain some very useful lesson planning tips and it does include some fantastic classroom activities. When it comes to depth of knowledge though this course tends to skim the surface. My advice for anyone thinking about taking this course would be to invest in a good grammar book before you take the course so that you will be up to speed when the time comes for the interviewing for jobs process. You’ll need a good grammar book anyway when you start teaching. The certificate was accepted by the school I wanted to work at and that is the main reason why anyone takes a TEFL course in the first place.

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