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“Is International TEFL Academy Legit?”

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Is International TEFL Academy legit International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Alice.

I have one major complaint about this program. The price.

They led me to believe that legitimate TEFL courses can’t cost less than $1,000 and I believed them. The ITA website does an incredible job of convincing you that they are the number 1 course- in the world, no less. So I went ahead and paid the $2000 course fee for their 4-week online TEFL course.

It took me a few days to feel completely comfortable paying so much money for an online course. I had many questions and all were answered very quickly. That was really impressive and I guess clouded my judgment because I assumed the amazing student support would continue beyond the purchasing of the course. I was wrong.

I never heard back from anyone at ITA TEFL again.

After I paid, I received all the information that I needed to prepare for the course and get started on the course but it wasn’t personalized. Well, apart from my name copy and pasted on a few of the docs. There was absolutely no one available during the course for support and absolutely no one available after the course for support. A well-oiled machine? Yes. The course was very good. Worth the $2,000? Absolutely not. I could have spent 10x less and I would have gotten something similar.

ITA TEFL has been around for years and I think they are just riding on their name and taking advantage of people by charging such a high price and delivering a product that is comparable to the $200 TEFL courses.

Is International TEFL Academy legit? In my opinion, it really wasn’t worth it.

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  1. I know this is a year and some months late but THANK YOU! Thank you for your honest opinion and “sacrifice”. When I watch other videos of people who paid way under $1000 for their certificate and still were getting English teaching jobs, I would wonder why does this cost so much?! Times are hard and I need my money. I don’t want to give it away to a company when I could have paid less than half at another company and the same product. I’m still looking for a good TEFL certification course. But I also know what you put into it, the hard work and all, is what you get out of it.

    Again, Thank You!


  2. Yes, Rishia, you are absolutely right.
    Those expensive TEFL certification programs tell barefaced lies about only their expensive courses being good enough for the job.
    In some cases, not all, the more expensive courses are of a lower quality than your cheaper courses.
    People need to realize, though, that on the other end of the scale there are some terrible courses out there that charge ridiculously low course fees.
    My advice is to go for something that isn’t too expensive or too cheap.
    You shouldn’t pay more than a few $$$ for a 120-Hour TEFL course and you shouldn’t pay anything less than a few $$$ for a 120-Hour TEFL course.
    Mia lists the top 5 TEFL courses to take in her Best Of 2022 article and I, with all my years of TEFL experience, completely agree with her:

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