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“Is International TEFL Academy Legit?”

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Is International TEFL Academy legit International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Alice.

I have one major complaint with this program. The price.

They led me to believe that legitimate TEFL courses can’t cost less than $1,000 and I believed them. The ITA website does an incredible job of convincing you that they are the number 1 course- in the world, no less. So I went ahead and paid the $2000 course fee for their 4-week online TEFL course.

It took me a few days to feel completely comfortable paying so much money for an online course. I had many questions and all were answered very quickly. That was really impressive and I guess clouded my judgment because I assumed the amazing student support would continue beyond the purchasing of the course. I was wrong.

I never heard back from anyone at ITA TEFL again.

After I paid, I received all the information that I needed to prepare for the course and get started on the course but it wasn’t personalized. Well, apart from my name copy and pasted on a few of the docs. There was absolutely no one available during the course for support and absolutely no one available after the course for support. A well-oiled machine? Yes. The course was very good. Worth the $2,000? Absolutely not. I could have spent 10x less and I would have gotten something similar.

ITA TEFL have been around for years and I think they are just riding on their name and taking advantage of people by charging such a high price and delivering a product that is comparable to the $200 TEFL courses.

Is International TEFL Academy legit? In my opinion, it really wasn’t worth it.

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