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“a reasonably priced course when you compare with the in-class alternative”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Cynthia.

I finished my course last week and I am so looking forward to building on my teaching and travel experience by using the certification overseas. Given the current travel restrictions for abroad travel, it is looking more likely that I’ll be able to realize this in the second or third quarter of 2021. So in the meantime, OISE TEFL UoT has put me in touch with Teach Away, their sister company, who will be helping me with a job search for online teaching work for the interim time before I can buy that flight ticket. I was very satisfied with the skills that this course taught me and I thought that the feedback on assignments provided was top-level. And all this for a reasonably priced course when you compare it with the in-class alternative. Thanks a heap, OISE TEFL UoT!

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  1. I’ve been doing my own research on OISE University of Toronto TEFL and I’ve concluded they are a scam company who should be avoided at all costs. The only reason they are rated so highly on Trusted TEFL Reviews is because they probably own Trusted TEFL Reviews. Don’t believe the fake reviews!

  2. Ian Leahy.

    We decided to publish your comment, so that everyone can see just how delusional you really are.
    Why do you continue to make bold, crazy claims that certain schools are somehow directly connected to TTR?
    We know why.
    You have made it plainly clear that you are unhappy with the student reviews of your own TEFL program, and this has resulted in you spending vast amounts of your free time trying to discredit other TEFL programs and TTR.
    We really shouldn’t need to write this, but it’s the only way to respond to Ian Leahy:
    TTR (Trusted TEFL Reviews) is NOT affiliated to any TEFL programs.
    If a TEFL program has a good rating on TTR, it means that they have a solid product and solid customer service.
    If a TEFL program has a bad rating on TTR, it means that they have a questionable product and questionable customer service.
    I would also like to remind readers that Ian Leahy likes to present himself as an impartial TEFL expert.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Ian Leahy runs his own TEFL program: ESLinsider.
    Customer reviews of ESLinsider can be viewed on TTR:
    Readers can check the ranking of TEFL programs on TTR:

    Mia Williams
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