“MyTEFL don’t provide any job assistance to speak of”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Cara.

For those of you who just want to get the TEFL certification to start your teaching career, this one will probably do it for you. MyTEFL makes the bold claim that their certificates are recognized around the world, a claim made by all the other TEFL schools too, and I don’t necessarily see why that wouldn’t be a true statement. I think what they are stating is that the TEFL brand is internationally recognized, not necessarily any one particular school. What I’m trying to say is that in a world population of a few billion, there is no way on earth that everyone will recognize a MyTEFL certificate. It will, however, likely suffice in most job interviews.

I thought the course was a bit flat though. You read and scroll through a bunch of text and then answer a quiz that is mostly possible to pass without having read any of the text. I’ve read how some people were able to complete the whole course in just a couple of days, and I can understand how that is possible. Just by skimming through the texts and answering the quiz questions should have finished in under 3 days. MyTEFL doesn’t provide any job assistance to speak of unless you are after a preassigned job placement position, so prepare yourself to do the legwork yourself after the course when it comes to searching for jobs. That being said, it didn’t take me so long to find a teaching position so there are plenty of teaching jobs out there if you are willing to put the time in and look for them.

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