“Overall, I thought the course was excellent”

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3 star online tefl review

TEFL Org UK review, submitted by Peter.

I’m going to begin with the good points and then continue with areas where I thought there could be room for improvement.

The good šŸ™‚

I liked the course a lot. It was very practical in making sense of the more difficult-to-understand grammar sections and highlighted the teaching applications of different grammar areas. As an example, I liked the clear descriptions of the timeline tenses and how as a teacher it is best to describe these to students.

I also thought the feedback from my tutor was very good. It was helpful and constructive, and I was able to learn from my mistakes. I definitely recommend taking a TEFL course with tutor support exactly for this reason. Without it, you might find yourself not really knowing whether how you are forming your lessons is correct or not.

The bad šŸ™

It took much longer to receive the course certificate than I had anticipated, and it left me in a bit of limbo as I began applying for jobs right after finishing the course but I couldn’t show any schools an actual certificate up until about month into my search.

Once the course is over, TEFL Org won’t respond to any further emails. Or if they do, you might be lucky to get a reply within a week. This was my experience and I felt that a bit of after-course support would have helped.

Overall, I thought the course was excellent, but the post-course customer service let the school down somewhat.

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