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“I was satisfied studying with this company”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Chelsea.

OISE UoT TEFL was something that helped me during COVID; meaning that I was able to use my time productively and invest in my future. While a lot of my friends were at home making sourdough bread, I was transfixed on my screen and reading about phonemes, perfect tenses, etc. I have always wanted to teach English overseas-the idea that you can travel and earn money teaching has intrigued me for a good while now-so this was the perfect window of opportunity to take an intensive online course. This was only made possible because of the remote learning component of the course and so it provided me with a convenient method of gaining the T-E-F-L certification.

I did have a tutor assigned to me and she was very approachable when I needed something clarifying, and when I submitted my work assignments the feedback that I got back was constructive and helpful. The course has an attractive layout and is organized really well into the different areas of T-E-F-L teaching subjects. Just the grammar sections were a bit tough but I got through them eventually.

It’s been just over a month now and I haven’t received my certificate yet, but I’m putting that down to the disruptions to the postal system. Help was available throughout the course, and I will be sure to use their international job services support come Spring 2021. There weren’t any red flags and I was satisfied studying with this company.

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