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“The MN TEFL course was excellent and I recommend teaching English in Arequipa”

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Teach English in Arequipa Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Johnny Collin.

Teach English in Arequipa.

This review wouldn’t start out right without a huge shout-out to Audra, who was a wonderful tutor. Thanks a heap, Audra! And a second shout-out goes to the MN TEFL crew in general, who answered every single question I had and who were extremely supportive throughout. I can truly write that the people at MN TEFL calmed all my worries and helped me through the whole process of getting TEFL certified, then finding my teaching work in Peru, step by step as I traveled that road. I totally see how this school is listed in the top 5 Online TEFL courses to take in 2020.

My TEFL certification took me to Cuzco, and then to Arequipa. I (of course) loved my time in Cuzco, but I was only there for a 3-month volunteer project. It was my idea to try volunteering first to see if I felt fine being so far out of my comfort zone. And then the plan was either to head back home and have a TEFL destination rethink, or stay in South America and teach for a year and then see what would happen. I’m so so so pleased that I chose to teach in Arequipa. It’s a fairly big town, but not as sprawling as Lima is. And, it’s far safer than Lima. I didn’t like Lima at all. From the minute I left the terminal, I just didn’t feel good in that city. An added bonus of Arequipa: Lake Titicaca! It’s not so far away (by bus only) and it is SO beautiful. I managed to make it over to the islands of the Sun and Moon-a fisherman rowed me over. It felt so sublime cruising the blue crystal surface of the world’s highest navigable lake. Arequipa was also a good base in which to travel across into Chile too.

To conclude. The MN TEFL course was excellent and I recommend teaching English in Arequipa. Best give Lima a miss though 🙂

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