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“I highly recommend taking this University of Toronto TEFL course”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Natasha.

I highly recommend taking this University of Toronto TEFL course.

I was attracted to this program because of the total reliance on the online study format. It’s not possible for me to study some place outside of the US for the foreseeable future, so the online version of this certification was pretty much the only option I had to become TEFL qualified. I actually think I would have preferred the online course to the onsite alternative anyway – not that I’ve ever taken a TEFL course onsite, but there were just so many upsides to taking it online.

The one upside that I think is clear to everyone, is that I didn’t have to travel anywhere to take the classes.

My classes all took place in front of my laptop screen and within the school website. They give you a login ID to access your course study account – this is the way in which you complete the tasks of the course.

Since completing the course, I’ve chosen to teach English online. Again, not my first choice (travel would be top of the list) but this has worked out to be a reasonably lucrative way to earn money. I teach mostly children, and most of my classes are individual lessons. The course provided a lot of resources for teaching English online, and I also found some very helpful YouTube demo lessons too.

When I can travel again, I will definitely make good use of the program’s international job support services.

For now though, I’m quite content earning money by working from home.

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