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150 TESOL Premier Plus course Global English review, submitted by Caitlin.

My motivation for taking this course was to prepare myself better for when I start teaching children in China next year. I assumed it would just be ok to have a degree in Education, but apparently, that’s not enough for the school which I’ve signed a teaching contract with and they insisted I take a TESOL course. They didn’t stipulate whether it had to be taken at a school somewhere, so I went for the much cheaper online option.

I liked the course. I do have some teaching experience from when I volunteered in Cambodia, so I did have a general awareness of how to teach and what should be taught before taking this course. There was a lot I didn’t know of course, and this was mostly covered within the 150 TESOL Premier Plus course syllabus.

I know it’s not the fault in any way of Global English, and not the fault of the school which I will be reaching for, but I really didn’t see the necessity of taking a TEFL course when I have a 3-year degree and when I have teaching experience. I guess their logic is that they want their teachers to be knowledgeable in TEFL teaching, but a 4-week TESOL course can’t possibly prepare you for teaching as much as a 3-year degree does. Oh well, never mind. Perhaps it’s because of the work permit or visa which is why it’s required.

Anyways, this course was without any major issues and I got what I needed out of it.

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  1. Two comments: 1) It’s not clear to me why you only gave three stars.
    2) General knowledge of teaching is really helpful in TEFL, but it does not prepare one for teaching English as a second language: You need to know the content (a general education degree in no way guarantees this). In addition, there are some techniques, tricks, aspects etc. that are peculiar to TEFL and a TEFL setting. My sister has a doctorate and full certification as a teacher, followed by 15 years of teaching, but I would not want her to teach TEFL without additional training.

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