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Online TESOL Canada OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Nicole.

Online TESOL Canada. University name on the certificate.

I’m so pleased that I found this review’s website before I made my final online TEFL course decision. On Reddit and on some forums there was a lot of whining about how the course is so expensive and that it’s only expensive because it carries the name of the University of Toronto. Yes, it is costly because it carries the name of the university, which btw is also prominently listed on the certificate, but this course is more than just having an affiliation with the university. To begin with, there are so many scams out there and this program is definitely no scam. Secondly, the course is wonderfully presented. I covered so much teaching ground that by the end I was really surprised at how much teaching theory had sunk in. The lesson plans which you have to submit are very helpful—the feedback given is likewise helpful. So yes, it is the most expensive course, and yes it does cost a bit more because of their university connection, but the price is more costly also because of the high-quality tuition and feedback. I always felt like I was in a safe pair of hands during the course, and that I was being shown the correct way to teach. The after-course support has been very helpful too. They work with Teach Away, a Toronto employment agency specializing in TEFL jobs abroad, and they helped me decide where I wanted to spend my first teaching year overseas. A highly recommended program!

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