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220-hour Certificate in TESOL INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Jade.

220-hour Certificate in TESOL. CELTA equivalent Online TEFL/TESOL course.

At the time when I took this course, it was one of the only Online CELTA equivalent courses being advertised online. I see that since then, more and more Online TEFL/TESOL programs are now offering combined online/onsite distance learning classes. I opted for the 220-hour course because I felt I needed as much information as I could possibly receive on TEFL/TESOL in order to be able to fully function as an Esl teacher; given that I had no experience in Esl previous to enrolling.

The course was excellent. It’s well structured and doesn’t overcomplicate the subject matter. You start off slow and gradually come up against increasingly difficult learning tasks. I’ve since compared this course with other similar course offers and have identified that one of the benefits of this INTESOL Worldwide course is the 30 hours TEYL course (Teaching English to Young Learners) and TBE (Teaching Business English) training course; whereas most other courses either omit these altogether or only slightly brush over the topics. Having the additional TEYL experience listed on my course certificate has proven valuable for me in my teaching English to children career path.

Regarding the teaching practice hours, I taught some of my friends and only needed to submit my videos to INTESOL via email files. This was super convenient and the feedback that I received was super useful. I liked how you could teach friends or family, as well as real students I guess because it made completing the teaching practice hours segment a nice and smooth transition period between the completion of the online study work and the receiving of the course certificate.

I had a really positive experience with INTESOL Worldwide and recommend this Tefl/Tesol program.

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