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Let’s TEFL review, written by Rich.

I’m more than happy to recommend Let’s TEFL as a very well-organized TESOL program to get certified in teaching English abroad. My online tutor was very helpful. Actually, they were awesome! 🙂 Always available to provide help whenever needed, and always quick with their responses. And I really couldn’t see how I could have successfully completed the course without this support. I definitely recommend choosing one of these online teaching courses with the online tutor backup support. You WILL have questions/experience difficulties, and when you have someone on the other end with the experience and who can respond with expert guidance then this makes all the difference. Well, it certainly does in my eyes anyway. I didn’t need to make an extra purchase for online tutor support. It came as part of the course package.

When I had completed the course, Let’s TEFL maintained their approachable manner with their post-course employment support. I had my mind set on teaching English in Cambodia, but I didn’t really know where to look online for further information. Yes, there are loads of articles written on this very subject, but I wanted to get beyond the background noise and get some local opinions from expats on the ground. Let’s TEFL directed me to some hugely useful and reliable expat forum websites and gave me a list of language schools operating out of the Kampot area. Finding work was real easy because there is lots of work on offer in Cambodia for native English speakers who are TEFL qualified. I don’t have a university degree, but this wasn’t an issue for this part of the world. It’s coming up to a year now since I relocated to Cambodia and I haven’t regretted one single day since moving over here.

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