“They pack a lot into the 120 hours”

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Is TEFL Org Legit TEFL Org UK review, submitted by Sharon.

Is TEFL Org legit? They pack a lot into the 120 hours.

The course was excellent. It took me a week to complete everything and within that time I learned so much about grammar, teaching, and about teaching English jobs overseas. They pack a lot into the 120 hours. That’s for certain. The Premier 120-Hour course TEFL Org offer is an all-around great option for TEFL studies.

The course is straightforward enough. It’s not too difficult, so you don’t get the feeling of being out of your depth. The only parts in which I did have some problems were the grammar sections. As a native English speaker, I have been speaking English my entire life. The problem for me though was that I entered the course not even knowing what the difference between a noun and a verb was. It seems pretty pathetic now to think that I knew so little about my own language, but it was a fact. Most of the grammar was easy to pick up and just involved memorizing rules and terms. Where I came up against a brick wall a few times with the different time tenses. The past and present tenses are easy to get your head around, it’s just the present tenses (I have+past participle) where at first I stumbled in my lesson plan. I thought that we use past simple and present perfect interchangeably, but when you look at both tenses on a timeline you see how different they are and it must be just so complicated for students learning these. Anyway, I got it (eventually) and now I know how to present these differences to students. All thanks to TEFL Org! 🙂

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