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TESOL TESL course certification i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Emma.

I took this course back in 2018 and haven’t looked back since. Even with the whole Coronavirus and whatnot, I’m still enjoying my life as an English teacher. I started out teaching in Bangkok but I didn’t like it so much(lots of traffic and lots of people)so I moved north to Chiang Mai and discovered a true gem of a city. Chiang Mai is WAY MORE chilled than Bangkok is. It’s a lot smaller too and buckets are friendlier. To make a good living up here you should(ideally)teach also private students as well as your given schedule at the language school you work for. You must work at a language school to qualify for the Thai work permit(they real hot on this here)and then you can begin charging really good money for privates.

My typical working day begins at 8 (in the morning) and I teach until lunchtime. Afternoons are spent either chilling in a cafe or getting in a few hours of yoga. Then it’s teaching again until 6 or 7 pm and then I have my evenings to meet up with friends(foreign and Thai). Everything is incredibly cheap up here and the food is awesome! Plus Bangkok is only 1 hour and a bit of flight time away and the nearest beach is then just a few hour’s drive onwards. You absolutely must come to Chiang Mai and visit the surreal town of Pai too. I just love it up here. TESOL TESL course certification with itoi TEFL was awesome! Teaching English rocks!

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