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“I was overall satisfied taking my TESOL certification online with Let’s TEFL”

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Let’s TEFL review, written by Nick.

I was overall satisfied taking my teaching English overseas certification online with Let’s TEFL. It’s not too expensive and the office staff was reasonably helpful when I had questions before, during, and after the course. The thing to remember is the course is without any teaching practice so it’s not the same as taking the in-class version. If you don’t mind this though then I would recommend this school. It’s difficult to judge whether they offer one of the best course choices or not because this was my one and only teaching an online course, but there definitely weren’t any major red flags for me and I did get certified to teach English, which was my sole reason for taking this course. They do offer some help when you have finished and want to start looking for work. The help wasn’t what I would describe as extensive but there was help available nonetheless. I was able to find jobs advertised online very easily though. It did take up a lot of my time trying to work out what the standard rate of pay is. Some language schools offer much more than others and certain countries provide more benefits for their teachers. To save time and hassle I just went for the teaching English online option and this has worked out pretty well for me since. One thing that did appear very clear was that the course isn’t an end to all and (I guess like with all these courses) you will constantly be picking up new knowledge along the way.

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