“I loved the content and how it was presented”

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4 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Michael.

If you want to teach English – take this course.

I loved the content and how it was presented and all at the same time, it was fun, challenging, and an addictive way of learning.

I had no previous experience teaching English and naively thought the course would be a breeze. I’m sure this sentiment is shared by the majority of people who take TEFL courses online. I was kind of expecting the course to be easy (I’m a native English speaker) but very early on I realized that there was a lot more learning involved – grammar was just one area that I initially found very hard. Schools in the US don’t teach grammar. You learn the language but aren’t taught how it works. How the rules behind the tenses, etc. are formed. For example, before taking this course I had no idea of all the different time tenses – let alone when we use, for example, either the Present Perfect or Past Simple.

This course takes very complex information and presents it in an easily understandable form.

The ITTT TEFL staff were approachable and friendly too.

This is definitely a TEFL program that you should consider taking.


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