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“A notice to the “TEFL Group”

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A notice to the “TEFL Group”.

Dear “TEFL Group”

If you persist in trying to smear trustedteflreviews.com online, then we at trustedteflreviews.com will need to add further blacklist warnings.

You began by making crazy accusations that trustedteflreviews.com is run by tefl online pro – I imagine because they won the Teachers’ Choice Award last year – and we have now read online that you are now claiming that it is in fact the University of Toronto TEFL who are the masterminds behind the creation of trustedteflreviews.com because they are currently, on the day of publishing this article, the top-rated Online TEFL course on trustedteflreviews.com.

This is the final time that I am going to waste my time, defending your bitter and absurd accusations.

trustedteflreviews.com is an independent, Online TEFL reviews website – set up by myself (Mia Williams) and a couple of fellow teachers, where we reside in Vienna, Austria. That’s in Europe 🙂

We fully understand that you must be uncomfortable seeing (some) negative reviews of your Online TEFL course programs published on trustedteflreviews.com, but we are only the messenger.

We publish verified customer reviews, written by real people.

Unlike many of the other Online TEFL reviews websites, we never delete a positive or negative review, unless it has raised a red flag and then been proven to have been fake.

Therefore, all reviews listed on trustedteflreviews.com are real reviews, sent in to us, and then published in your school categories.

trustedteflreviews.com is an unbiased online TEFL course reviews website.

We are not affiliated, in any way, with any of the online TEFL programs that we list on our site.

If an online TEFL school receives more positive reviews than negative reviews, it means they are doing something right. If an online TEFL school receives more negative reviews than positive reviews, it means they are doing something wrong and they should focus on improving their product and services.

And on a slightly unrelated note: thank you, for skyrocketing our website visitor statistics.

Mia Williams

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The 5 Best Online TEFL & TESOL certification courses in 2023 & 2024 - trustedteflreviews.com

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