“I felt this course taught me everything needed to start teaching”

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4 star online tefl review

ICAL TEFL review, submitted by Jared.

For $265.00 all-inclusive for their (ICAL TEFL) 120-hour TEFL certification course, I considered my purchase good value for money. The course (online) comes with a Personal Tutor, who really is there to offer constructive support.

I felt this course taught me everything needed to start teaching.

My only criticism is the Google placement ads on the school website. Not sure why they saw fit to include external advertising on their corporate school page, but it never interfered with my studies and I guess they (ICAL TEFL) can do what they want with their website. Apart from the (slightly) annoying external ads, the rest of the site looks great and offers clear, to-the-point TEFL class information.

I did have the opportunity of having a brief chat with the owner, who was professional and courteous.

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