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i to i tefl online review.

There are three levels of accreditation: Unaccredited / Accredited / Fully Accredited.

Fully Accredited‘ status is the highest level of accreditation.

i-to-i TEFL is an ‘Accredited’ Online TEFL/TESOL certification program.

This means that the i-to-i TEFL certificate is regionally recognized but not necessarily internationally recognized.

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5 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Steve.

i to i tefl online review. Steve.

I experienced a really smooth learning experience with i to i. Have never studied online before, so I was a bit wary of doing so, but when push came to shove all turned out just fine. Originally I had been a bit on the fence between taking my TEFL online and taking it onsite – in a country in Europe, which is where I want to be teaching. But after I weighed up the costs and flexibility, the online option was the clear winner. I haven’t taken advantage of their job placement service yet, so this is purely a review of the i to i TEFL course. It was a very good price and covers everything you need as a TEFL teacher starting out fresh.

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  1. How could anyone give i-to-i TEFL five stars? It simply myths me.
    They are REALLY nice to you when you chat with them before handing over any money, and then you become on of their anonymous cogs in their rusty machine.
    I was lucky that I could get my money back. But only after A LOT of pleading with my bank.
    I-to-i claim they refund after a certain amount of time, but this is absolute BS. It’s worse than trying to get blood from a stone.
    Folks, a fancy website doesn’t always translate into a fancy course and fancy service.
    I still wanted to get TEFL qualified, so a friend recommended I take the Tefl Online Pro course.
    Trying to locate their website. ah, here it is: https://teflonlinepro.com/
    From the start, the difference in companies was like night and day. Black and white.
    All promises were kept, there was a prompt turnaround from my online tutor (Paul) and they helped me find a really great job here in Thailand. All at no extra charge.
    i-to-i, on the other hand, charge extra for absolutely everything.
    Just Google ‘i-to-i tefl scam’ and the truth emerges.
    They have been up to their old tricks for years now.

  2. i to i tefl aren’t a scam per se but they are most definitely a well-oiled tefl mill. Very little respect for their students. Almost zero help after the course. Questionable accreditation in an industry where accreditation is usually a trumped up marketing ploy to lure in fresh behind the ears newbies. Their internships are daylight robbery. The only good thing about i to i tefl is that it’s reasonably possible that a language school MIGHT have heard of them before. I must admit, the certificate does look good, and for the money I paid for it it damn well should! If I could turn back time, I would have given i to i tefl a big thumbs down. Serena.

  3. Just to clarify, I took my i-to-i tefl course in 2017.
    They also go under the brand name, ‘Love TEFL’ and (possibly) many others.

  4. If you want to witness just how far i-to-i TEFL will go in order to flood the internet with fake reviews of their online TEFL courses, you should check out their reviews and have a good laugh to yourself in doing so:
    And here is the reality of how they treat their students:
    The only i-to-i tefl reviews I (and you) should trust are on trustedteflreviews.com
    All the rest are either self-written, of coerced out of students before they are allowed to receive their certificate.

  5. Dear Jesus. I wish I had seen these comments before handing my money over to I-TO-I TEFL. Apparently there was a clerical issue with my payment. The money left my account. It showed up spent on my online bank statement. I called my bank and they said it was a successful transaction.
    I-TO-I just never got back to me. I never got the chance to start the course.
    Am now claiming my money back through my bank for services non-rendered.
    Is this a Nigerian type of scam? Or What?
    All their emails were delivered to my Junk mail box.
    This is the company, right? https://www.i-to-i.com/
    I’m also going to sign up with tefl online pro this week.
    They seem as though they are right on the ball.
    I-TO-I can go stuff themselves. How are they still around?
    I-TO-I scam? Anyone else had a similar experience?

  6. I also can’t recommend i-to-i Tefl either.

    I knew I had made a mistake when I opened the course and saw the low quality of the content.
    There were many mistakes in the reading texts. Spelling mistakes mostly but also some grammar mistakes too.

    After the fourth module I had just had enough and requested a refund.
    I never heard back from i-to-i Tefl, so I contacted my bank and after 30 days I got my money back.

    To this day I still receive unwanted promotional emails from i-to-i Tefl, despite unchecking myself from their subscription mailing list multiple times. I also started getting unsolicited emails from other companies too, so I am certain that i-to-i Tefl sell your information to third parties. How do I know this? I established an email account just for my i-to-i Tefl course. Haven’t used it for anything else.

    I’m looking to take my Tefl now with a different company.

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