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“Is I-to-I / Love TEFL “certification tribe” and their “commitment to the environment” for real?”

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2 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Car(l)a.

Sat here, writing this long overdue review, I considered giving the I-to-I / Love TEFL online TEFL/TESOL certification program a 1 star, but I don’t think people really believe those 1-star reviews – probably think it’s just another online ranter – so this is the only reason for the 2 stars featuring in my review.

One thing you will definitely notice about I-to-I / Love TEFL (same company folks) is just how nice they can be before you pay them your hard-earned money. I was left feeling that there is finally a modern-thinking company that treats its students as the valued clients they should be. This children’s party balloon feeling quickly popped and fizzled off when money exchanged hands, and then all the niceties were replaced by automated business speak.

The course? I took their 120-hour course. It’s TEFL 101 in that if you bought an ebook on TEFL, you wouldn’t see that much difference with the I-to-I / Love TEFL teaching English abroad course version – except for a whole load of marketing to push you to accept one of their TEFL internships.

But it wasn’t a terrible course and for the course itself, I would award it an average of 3 stars.

The problems arose when it came time to receive my certificate. They charged me 161 GBP (Great British Pounds) to certify the certificate. WTF!? Of course, at this stage, I just had to pay. But this really was the last straw for me.

I-to-I TEFL/ Love TEFL has been around the block for a long time, and this is a good attribute. When I don’t find as endearing though are their environmental claims, and their TEFL internship BS about being part of some TEFL tribe.

Is I-to-I / Love TEFL “certification tribe” and their “commitment to the environment” for real?

Or is it just another BS marketing ploy to take your money, with a grin from ear to ear on their faces?

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  1. i-to-i TEFL are one of the worst companies you can take your TEFL certification through. They have been scamming their students for years and somehow seem to get away with it with impunity.

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