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“Premier TEFL 120-Hour “Advanced” TEFL/TESOL certification review.”

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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Jenny.

Premier TEFL 120-Hour “Advanced” TEFL/TESOL certification review.

This was one of the MANY online Tefl course options advertised through a surprisingly narrow Google search mechanism. I took it because it wasn’t going to break the bank, I liked the look of their website, and their general course offer too.

Their 120-hour “Advanced” TEFL course is their flagship certification course product. Nothing “Advanced” is about the course, so don’t get drawn in by this term. It does, however, cover what I wanted to learn and I even received some occasional support during the course.

Their website interface is excellent, and the course is fully responsive; meaning you can complete the course on mobile, tablet, laptop, computer, etc.

Despite being a 120-hour promoted course, it took me about three or four days to complete it, and I wasn’t working on it full-time, far from it.

They let themselves down though with advertised and expected finding work help at the end of the course.

You can do this yourself, but it is always a bonus to have an expert guide. When I didn’t agree to a Premier TEFL internship, they went cold on me, and that amazing customer service dissipated overnight.

A good TEFL option if it’s your first time abroad and if you need your hand held through the employment process from A to Z, with a resulting teaching job you would probably not have chosen if you had conducted a simple search on your own steam.

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