“Overall, an ok choice of TEFL course online.”

3 star online tefl review

ITTT review, submitted by Kate.

In the ITTT online TEFL Course you can choose whether you want to have tutor support or not. I paid for this extra feature, but the support I received wasn’t up to my expectations. I wouldn’t recommend paying the extra for online tutor access – it felt the person(s) answering my questions were overwhelmingly busy, and resulted in my receiving very short, nondescript answers. I did like the course though. It outstretched my expectations, and I learned a lot – more than I thought I was going to learn on an online platform. The course is not the 120 hours advertised though. More like 20. As others have written, I too was left waiting for my certificate. ITTT really need to improve on this. When you’ve paid for and taken/passed a course, you expect to receive the certificate soon after. I had to wait more than a month. Overall, an ok choice of TEFL course online.

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