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“I could fit it into my work schedule.”

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3 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Hugh.

I was able to take the course online and I could fit it into my work schedule. Their course is very thorough and delves deeply into not only conversational English, but English Grammar, at times I felt a little too much emphasis was put on the pedagogy rather than conversational English. I don’t think that someone wanting to become fluent in speaking English needs to know whether they are speaking in the active voice, passive voice, using split infinitives, or dangling participles. They just want to learn how to communicate.

Positives: Flexible class hours, Good career preparation.

Negatives: Too much emphasis on correct grammatical usage. Though at times I was hearing my mother who taught English for over 50 years. If the learner wanted to become proficient in writing in English then yes it would be necessary, but overdone for conversational usage.

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