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“O.K. learning experience with Lets TEFL.”

3 star online tefl review

Let’s TEFL review, written by Simon.

I took the Lets TEFL “Ultimate” 120-Hour TEFL COURSE and at first I felt I’d made a good choice. Contrary to what another reviewer posted, I thought communication with Lets TEFL was O.K. Sure, it does take them a few days to get back to you, but I’ve experiences with other businesses where I was made to wait for more than a week before a reply. So for me, this wasn’t an issue. The course itself is also O.K. Not sure about the “Ultimate” claim, but it did do a reasonably good job. The course materials are though, I thought, a little outdated, and one of my recommendations for Lets TEFL would be to completely update the course so it looks more like 2019 and less like 2009. But again, no big issue. However, the big issue for me was with the job placement. Lets TEFL only help you find work if you sign up for one of their job placements and I later found out that this is a way for the school to earn additional revenue down along the line. I did a bit of research into how much the schools recommended by Lets TEFL were paying their teachers and I most definitely didn’t sign up for this. So instead I was sort of forced to do my own job searching, which wasn’t difficult though as there are loads of teaching jobs. My advice if you do take this course is not to do a job placement with Lets TEFL. Otherwise, it was a fairly O.K. learning experience with Lets TEFL.

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