Premier TEFL

“disappointed about the service.”

1 star online tefl review

Premier TEFL review, submitted by Anna G.

Ok, as a positive person I will start with advantages of Premier TEFL, which is the price. It’s cheap. But cheap courses are cheap for a reason. So, penny wise pound foolish, I can’t remember ever being so furious and disappointed about the service.

Last summer I enrolled myself in premier TEFL course having been promised an ofqual certificate. Having finished the curriculum I paid for the cert in August 2018 and was informed I was about to receive it within 6 weeks. As it didn’t arrive in 6 weeks I kept sending requests regarding it and was being mislead.., oh, forget the euphemism, being lied to is a better word – for months about it, with Premier team convincing me they did order it and I was on the next batch. I still have all those emails saved!! Then in January I was informed I had never been on any batch at all and my cert had never been ordered as reassessment was needed to obtain it. So I did (having taken the day off) completing it on a platform which wasn’t actually suitable for that purpose, as I when I was on my last question everything just disappeared and my 12 hours of work was lost. My working hour is 30 euros, so it’s easy to see how much I’ve saved enrolling myself to a cheaper course. Only after that was I informed re assessment platform was different from the studying one and I should have saved answers!! Didn’t I have to be informed about it BEFORE I started, not after I lost the work??

As I am a single mother with loads of other things to do, I could not afford another day off, so I was promised as much time as I needed and limitless access to my premier TEFL account. Now I am on my 3 weeks holiday, so last week I decided to submit my reassessment and still haven’t got any response to the email I sent last Monday. So, I have no idea how and when I am going to find the extra time I need to complete. And yes, they act much faster getting you enrolled than they do when problems being the direct result of their shortcomings arise. Appalling..

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