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“I’ve no big complaints about this program.”

4 star online tefl review

International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Kelly.

I quite literally chose this online TEFL course without doing any extensive research and as it the only TEFL course I’ve taken I can’t compare it to any other TEFL programs out there. I found the course to be quite straightforward and coming from a background with zero TEFL experience, I learnt a lot on the course in the way of presenting language to students and understanding better how English grammar works. The job guidance is a bit disappointing though-International TEFL Academy will just provide you with a list of schools and then leave you to your own devices. I thought the course was worth the money, but then again I am in no position to compare. I guess I’ll just find out for sure when I properly start looking for jobs. I’ve no big complaints about this program.

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