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“I do believe the certificate is internationally recognized but they offer very little in support during and after the course.”

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2 star online tefl review

i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Ana.

This company wouldn’t issue my certificate until I had written a review of the course on a reviews website they feature prominently on, and one they actually pay advertising for. Stands to reason for the multiple 5-star reviews for i-to-i tefl. Spoken to other teachers and they never had to go through this type of BS. Don’t believe the i-to-i tefl hype. When I finally received my certificate I stopped all communication with the company and would never recommend them to anyone based on how they treat their TEFL trainees. I do believe the certificate is internationally recognized but they offer very little support during and after the course.

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  1. Hi Ana,

    We have never, and will never, withhold certificates from graduates before they write a review. Whether or not a customer chooses to write a review for us is entirely at their discretion. Thousands of graduates enjoy our course every year, and 92% of those say they would recommend us to friends, hence why we have so many good reviews. The reviews on all sites are entirely independent from us.

    Regarding support, we have designated in-house academic team who support our graduates throughout their training. In addition, we have a sister company, LoveTEFL, who are there for when you finish your course with advice and tips on what to do next.

    You may have unintentionally posted this, and if that’s the case, we request you remove your review if possible.

    Many thanks – i-to-i TEFL

  2. My experience was a bit different in that I wasn’t pressured into writing a review. But I agree with you when you write about zero support after the course. i-to-i TEFL job support service is very poor.

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