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tefl online pro review, submitted by Pavel.

Being a non-native English speaker, I did have initial reservations about taking a certification course that would allow me to teach English to other non-natives. Almost every TEFL school said it would be ok but when I looked at the job opportunities for non-natives, I wasn’t feeling so confident about my future success in this field of education.

I am a Czech citizen but spent a year on a student visa in Australia and that was where I developed my English language skills. I arrived in Sydney with hardly understanding a word of English (especially the Aussie accent 🙂 and I took part-time jobs working in fast food restaurants. Because I was on a study visa I also had English classes in the mornings. In the evenings I was able to practice my English with my customers, which was a complete baptism of fire 🙂

But you know what? If you want something so much and are willing to go for your dreams then you’ll make it. When I arrived in Oz I was probably lower intermediate at best, but after a year I progressed to upper intermediate and my language learning level has since been confirmed as C1.

So why not teach English I thought? I know how the language works and I would be able to relate well with my English students.

tefl online pro caught my eye because they didn’t make outrageous claims about working on a beach, etc., and I actually knew an American woman who took their 120-hour course and is now working in my home city of Prague.

Even though I can speak English semi-fluently, the Professional 120-hour course developed my grammar knowledge and showed me the classroom techniques needed to teach English properly. I studied online for about 4 hours a day and completed the course in 3 weeks. My certificate arrived in the post a week later and then came the second challenge of finding a teaching English job.

To be absolutely frank with you, I thought they would just ignore me from then on and leave my job search up to myself, but I was so impressed with how much dedication they showed in helping me with my job search. They helped me with my CV. They issued me an official letter of recommendation. They personally met with me over coffee to identify where I wanted to teach and were both very approachable and honest. They even paid for my coffee 🙂

To begin with they helped me find teaching work for a language school based in Brno, where I taught for 1 full year. And then after another consultation, they helped me find a teaching position in Wien (Vienna). I loved teaching English in Brno, but the money from teaching English in Vienna was 3x as much and with paid holidays.

Not once did tefl online pro demand additional fees for their job assistance services. And, they assured me that when I wanted to move on from Vienna they would help me again. Maybe South America next time? 🙂

So I am writing this as a completely satisfied tefl online pro graduate and the proof is in the pudding as is the expression I learned in Australia: I am teaching English!

If I were, to sum up, tefl online pro, I would write that it is a comprehensive and thorough TESOL course with outstanding job support’. Thank you so much! 🙂 tefl online pro definitely gets my vote for the online TEFL/TESOL international certification course Teachers’ Choice Award!

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely review, Pavel. We are so pleased that you found your teaching English niche. When I’m next in Vienna, let’s meet up for another coffee. This time it’s on you 😀 Seriously though, well done! We are so proud of how you had a dream and went for it; ultimately succeeding. We can’t take all the credit for your success. A lot of the credit is down to your resilience and vision. Take care and reach out to us when you decide you need a change from teaching English in Vienna.
    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

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